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San Antonio Family Photography

san antonio photography

I was so excited to meet Samie and her family for a summer session. It’s not very common for me to be busy in the summer, but with COVID-19 interrupting spring, I think every is needing some time in the outdoors.

Samie’s husband, Roland, is a San Antonio police officer, and what a great time to honor him and this service and pray for our officers as well as the black community who is in pain too.

I immediately said yes when Samie asked if they could do a few with Roland’s uniform.

Samie, her three children, and husband were so much fun to work with. These two siblings truly love each other and were so nice to me and each other. It was beautiful.

We got to explore a location I’ve been to, but haven’t been in I think 3 or so years! The kids were a little afraid of the bugs in the water, but they had fun.

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